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Narrow Banding

Effective January 1, 2013, it is mandatory for Business Radio Service products to communicate on narrowband frequencies. A radio tuned to narrowband frequencies will be able to communicate with wide band radios, however there will be quality and range issues, regardless of model or brand. For an official presentation by the FCC on Narrowbanding visit: http://transition.fcc.gov/pshs/docs/public-safety-spectrum/General_Information_on_VHF-UHF_Narrowbanding.pdf

Kenwood will proactively provide a solution to narrowband existing radios without any reprogramming or external charges. Note this does not affect TK-3230 users, these radios have been narrowband only since release. ProTalk® radios shipped prior to August 1st, 2012 have both wide and narrow band frequencies. Starting August 1st, 2012 all ProTalk® radios will be shipped with narrow band frequencies only.

By utilizing the cloning function, you can update your existing fleet of ProTalk® radios, making them narrow band compliant. For information on cloning radios please click here or on the image to the right. By using a Kenwood ProTalk® radio purchased after August 1st as the Master Radio users will update their frequency list to narrow band compliant. Once again this is relevant to all ProTalk® except TK-3230 which is currently compliant. For further assistance please contact Comquip for Kenwood radios support.

To view videos on cloning radios and programming go to www.youtube.com and search Comquip. This is an opportunity to update users existing frequencies. Following the 2013 change, end users will have to return radios to dealers for reprogramming to comply with Narrowband requirements. Typical dealer charges for radio reprogramming are roughly $50 per radio. This proactive solution is easy and inexpensive. Please make sure your customers are aware of the upcoming changes. Comquip will also reprogram ProTalk® radios at no cost but will bill end users directly for shipping and handling under the following table:

1-5 Units $8 per radio
6-12 Units $6 per radio
13+ Units $5 per radio

There will be no model or inventory changes from Kenwood starting August 1st. Narrowband only radios will have a (N) designator following their model number. All pricing, terms and warranty’s remain consistent. The only difference will be the frequency table programmed within the units. This is designed to update existing radios and fleets to 2013 FCC requirements and future radio releases.

Please contact Comquip with any further questions.